Igor Palmin (born 1933)
Photojournalist, cameraman, and creator of one of the largest photographic
chronicles of Moscow art life of the 1960s-1980s and a whole gallery
of “portraits” of its principal figures – non-conformist and conceptualist artists.

Since 1980, he has successfully photographed the historical architecture of Moscow.
He took part in numerous exhibits (in particular, in Cologne, Brussels, and Venice)
and authored several dozen books.
George Apazidis (born 1937)
Continued his father’s activities as art collector and patron.
Holds a Ph.D. degree in engineering. Author of scholarly articles and books.
Published numerous essays in the Russian press,
including essays about the artist Anatoly Zverev.
Suprematist composition
Anna Karenina, 1950-s
Gossips, 1950-s
Still life with lobster
Self-portrait, 1950-s
Portrait of G. Costakis, 1958
Portrait of Y. Nosov, 1985
Portrait of O. Aseeva, 1973
Portrait of D. Krasnopevtsev, 1961
Yuri Nosov (1945)
Collector and exhibition curator. Holds a Ph.D. in philology. Author of articles on art.
Author of kinetic sculptures (mobiles) that have been exhibited at the Manege and
The State Tretyakov Gallery and are found in private collections in Russia, Germany,
and Switzerland. Donated a number of Zverev’s works and biographical artifacts to the AZ Museum.
Geometric composition, 1959
Self-portrait, 1959
Portrait of G. Costakis, 1956
A walk, 1956
Natalya Costakis
George Costakis’ youngest daughter. Artist, collector and art curator.
Owns a collection of Zverev’s works. Studied at the Stroganov Higher Arts
and Crafts College and participated in many Russian and foreign exhibitions.
For the exhibit Zverev in Flames at the New Manege in 2012, Natalya Costakis
loaned Zverev’s unique drawings that had miraculously survived a fire
at George Costakis’ dacha. The success of this exhibit led
to the idea of creating the AZ Museum.
Portrait of O. Aseeva, 1969
Elephant, 1950-s
Female portrait, 1968
Portrait of O. Aseeva, 1971
Portrait of I. Kuznetsov, 1986
Self-portrait, 1968
Igor Kuznetsov (born 1952)
historian. A friend of Anatoly Zverev and Oksana Aseyeva.
Organized Zverev exhibits in Moscow, Saratov and other Russian cities. Wrote articles about Zverev.

“The priest Georgy Kochetkov has written that the end of the 20th century
was marked by three geniuses: Schnittke in music, Averintsev in philology and Zverev in painting.
I totally agree with him.”

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